Semesteroppgave oppdatering: 25 April

Har sketchet og tenkt fram og tilbake på hva slags stemning og detaljer for animasjonen og kom fram til at jeg virkelig vil ha en sketch-følelse til den.


Sangen jeg skal bruke er HER


Karakter design:

Left: “Jen”    Right: “Darc”






(Intro section)

- presenting the project

  • idefagskolen
  • semesteroppgave 2013 MD
  • working title: Goodbye
  • short flashes of the two main characters
  • pencil sketching buildup of the hospital room


One day in the early morning

- Hospital bed, close-up of right half of Jen’s face


I sat right by the dock

- fade in image of Jen sitting on the edge of a dock, looking out at the sea

- clothes and hair fluttering in the wind

- water moving subtly

- silhouette of a bird flying by?


Thinking about how life was going

- fade in images of her life like faded pictures and memories

- show a history of poor health and weak body


(15 sec)


Clueless about your eyes right on me

- back to hospital bed

- pan over to the neighbouring bed where Darc is sitting with his sketch pad, watching Jen


Whispering my name

- cutting to a view of the unfinished sketch on the sketchpad, which is of Jen, though with the eyes missing


Wanting to say those three last words

- Darc biting lip and glancing at Jen


That he loved me

- caressing the lines of the drawing over the hair, smudging out the lines ever so slightly


And brushing through my hair

- pencil lines becoming real hair, fingers slipping through the tresses

- small smile, eyes dreamy


With eyes so wide and mouth wide open

- closeup of Jen’s face eyes fluttering open, the reflection of the other clear in the irises and zooming in on one of the reflections


(30 sec)


And thoughtless I kissed him

- Jen hand reaching up and they kiss

- fades into silhouettes


with a simple brush

- Darc eye opening, zooming out to the bed


Knowing that was the first and last kiss

- Darc heaves and coughs, hand covering his mouth

- cut to small blood splatter on the hand

- zooming in on face, blood in the corner of his mouth, focus on expression


I saw him walking to the ship

- Jen wakes up to people milling about

- everything blurry except for Jen herself

- glancing over to the other bed

- getting eyecontact with Darc for the first time in real life


(45 sec)


Sailing far behind

- fading over to a scene by a riverbank with a small boat and a dark clad figgure standing by

- the two are holding hands, taking their farewells, he gives her a pendant


Me waving gently back

- Darc going onto the boat, the dark clad person following, pushing the boat off from shore



mouthing good bye

- waving at eachother, smiling sadly


and that I loved him too

- single tear falling from Jenn|s left eye, zooming in as her eyes are closing


and goodbye

- eyes opening as she turns

- cut to image of another boat on a dock directly opposite the one Darc left on with another one of the cloaked people standing by

- heads for the boat


(60 sec)


(remaining music bit)

- hand falling over the edge of the bed, the pendant dropping to the floor, bouncing once and the fades to black

- fades over to an image of the finished drawing from the beginning, signed with a “D.” and the same symbol as the one on the pendant


(music end)

- credits

- music: Hulda

- aimations: Me

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