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The 2nd year of school has started, been abit slow on the update :)
The group consits of Yvonne tange, Marius lund, Trond (something something) and me

We have made a script, its named “The year of the dragon”

We will make a new blog for it, and giving regular updates there on the progress we have made.

The assignments that has been given at this date is the following.

Modelling :
Magne : 2 main chars ( male and female) and 1 dragon.
the others will help with props and scene.


Animation and rigging

Marius : Female
Trond   : Male
Yvonne : Dragon

So Iv had a Hard time figuring out what to make for my last assignment.
Wensday last week I finaly figured out what to make :)

and This is what I got so far.
Concept from Rift – Planes of talara

All finished with the unwrapping aswell, so Im starting the sculpting for normal maps tomorrow. Gonna be finished with sculpt on tuesday next week then il do the texture and use one week on shading / making the turntable.
After that its 1 week to work with the render and presentation.

A new years update :P

I know iv been real bad at updateing since the last assignment.
So this is some of the stuff Iv made since the new year started.

The sword was made as an modeling exercise for myself :) To see if I could get alot of details into the mesh without using a normalmap for the main details.

Now the new part is for a Rigging / animation Assignment we have now. Tho I wont be animating, cause iv used my time on Learning more indepth sculpting and rigging, and Retopology ofc :)

And heres a few Turntabels of the model :




A new update with the final results of this assignment will come sometime this weekend, Just have to skin the char :P

So finaly after alot of long hours at school, this assignment is finished.

The deadline cought up pritty darn fast so I had to throw away some of the ideas I had planned. But Im pleased with the end result.

It can be found here :


Still image :

So been a while since I updated this blog, iv been updating on 3dhue and cgtalk insted :P

Heres whats new :





Hip protection


Some pictures of the parts im finished with :

another update

So today I finished texturing the Right shoulderpad :) Im loving mudbox when it comes to texturing ^^

Heres is the result :


more updates comming shortly!

Finished texturing the helmet , and im pritty impressed with myself :D

Turntable of it can be found here : http://vimeo.com/16468114

Update :D

Some progress on the assigment.

more updates will come!

You can go to http://www.3dhue.com/viewtopic.php?t=8586&highlight= if you want the timelapses aswell.

So Iv been working with the armor now , finished with the basemesh in maya and got it into zbrush now.
Going to be fun to see if im able to sculpt hardsurface :D

This is what I got so far:

Timelaps of the armor sculpting so far :

Armor Sculpt timelaps

Realism assignment

So we got our Realism assigment today.
Basicly it said “Make what every you want, as long as its realistic light’s and texture”

So im gonna go for the Warcraft 3 footmen from the cinamatics.

Made a simple base to use under all the armor, its not much but its a start.
For timelaps > Timelaps
More updates will come soon.

PS: Started on a new model for the 3dhue sculpting compo, so it will come a update there aswell soon.

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