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My first 720 test! :D

Things I gotta fix tho:
- Reduce gloss/reflection/roughness map on areas such as ear and hands.
- A little too much “goosebumps” on the legs/body.
- Fix the ground. (its too noisy right now)
- Fix grass (fur/paint FX(?))
- Lower upper eyelid (?)
- sand on the feet (?)
- Fix amulet
- Fix hair
- Other (?)
BTW: Press the first image to see a larger version)

Still testing with the shaders. Oh, and I made a butterfly on Saturday! :D The ground also had to have displacement cause of the angle, but I’m satisfied with the result of the ground.
As for the light/shaders. I’m probably going to next try getting something in between. I don’t want the light part to burn out the details and color(picture1). But, I’m still uncertain I want to end up with that much darkness in the face (picture2). (I also want to adjust the gloss of the lips.)

Posing test  :D
Got to rig, do some basic skinning and test a bit of ncloth on the girl. This is how things look like right now:  One of the pictures were so lucky of getting 2 blend shapes on; one that shrunk the feet a bit, and a smile blend-shape. still doesn’t feel natural though. Gotta test a bit more, fix some texture seams, hair and a few of the accessories and cloth, + +.
Oh and BTW, I’m gonna add a blue butterfly on her hand when I get the chance. (I’m mostly satisfied with the pose on the last pic).




So much better with some textures.. :D
My plan forward is to rig it as fast as possible for posing, then  cloth simulate into position. And probably tweak alot after thats done. Gotta get time to make the grass enviroment too.

Ah, forgot to update the blog: Here are some test renders when I tried  testing out a bit on the shaders for the skin a bit. I lost a lot of time testing and changing to linear workflow (gamma correcting everything) so the outcome of the assignment will probably not be as good as I hoped.
I’m a bit behind schedule, so I can admit I feel a lot of pressure and stress right now.

The eyes are still to light and the lighting  too and a lot more.. Just hope I get the time to adjust some of the errors.

I have been working on some texture for the eyes testing of the clear part of the eye with materials and some SSS shader for the skin. Still not there yet, but at least it looks like something soon presentable :)
( BTW: phong shader on the clear part on the eye on the left and MIA material on the right.) Still trying to mix and test a bit with things, but I’ll probably put the last adjustments at the end. After I’ve  made some kind of hair on her, some normal map skin pores, spec map and such.


Okay,  here’s the next update:
Currently working on the cothing, but fixed a bit in the face and the rest of the body.

An update on the project: (including a test pose);

The assignment is pretty open, you can practically do whatever you want, as long as it has something to do with 3D.
I figured to expand my portfolio further, that I should skip making a creature or something in the fantasy genre, since I already had made something along that road earlier.

Gathering up allot of reference pictures,  I considered making allot of things. One of them being making a realistic scene of a wounded soldier holding a picture of his wife or family. Then I skipped that idea, since I thought that the military theme were probably something a lot of other students have done.

I then considered making something steam-punk-y with a dark feel and atmosphere.
Using a lot of details in the clothes, and elements in the picture like the plague mask and clockwork-bugs and rats/ravens and such. But, when I drew some sketches, I found out that I’d rather try to model a little native American girl with few accessories and completely go for super realism on her and the simple cloth. But still, I gotta admit, I’m a bit uncertain which of these ideas would be the best to go for.

Although I have already started making the child, so i think I’ll go for that one now. Rather make the steam-punk girl some other time.

Plan for the assignment:

This is one of the real assignments at school, making an intoduction to a culture TVshow. This is what I suggested to be an intro for the program. The first part isnt that good, but it is from the middle, approx. (00:09) and out, that I suggested at the end.

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