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My Year assignment in the class of 3D animation year 2011-2012. I did everything except sound and music.

Music by: Marius Dille Tufte
Sound fx by: Jon Erik Josephsen

Thanks to the teachers, friends and students that supported me in this project! Thanks also to Gro Dahle, Kenneth Herstad, Simon Dahle Nyhus and Kristine Harbek for help and suggestions with camera and storyboard!

Watch breakdown video here:


Watch my 3D design semester assignment for the year 2010-2011 here:

Freecam view:

Side view:

The black box “monster” and surroundings are still dummy objects  :)

just a little sketch i did for Otto’s group for fun. Seems they want to go for it. :)

It’s a new year and new opportunities. But, it doesn’t make it easier to decide the plot and characters that will be almost unchangeable throughout the whole year.

I’ve been thinking allot and drew many sketches, but, humor and story isn’t really my forte. So most of my scribbling thoughts have just ended at the sketchbook.
Here are some of the sketches I made throughout the process:

I have an idea of whats going to happen, but the storyboard is not yet done. I’ll probably post it later in another post. But, its basically a more slap-stick humor kind of plot. about a horned creature trying to get a hold of an egg, with some difficulties. (You could say my priority is animation this year.)

here is one of the animation parts I’ve made:


side view:

Bouncing birdball: (posted this before, but it seemed like it dissapeard from the site)

Okay, the assignment is handed in and this is what I ended up with  :)
I am satisfied with the result and have had a busy but fun time working on it.
Click here to see the documentation for the assignment: (the text is in Norwegian, but feel free to contact me if a English version is desired.

Native american girl documentation

Just a quick update: Testing background.
and a quick error checking turntable: ( I think I want to render the background and trees for themselves, so I can adjust the speed if they move to fast in the finished overall slower version too) Plus gotta make sure the trees don’t intercept with the camera.


As I feared the 1280×720 resolution render took a great deal more time than I wished, as you can see on the comments on the pictures. The main render increased with 54 minutes. Making it render in 1 hour and 11 minutes, which is too much for a turntable that have to be finished before the 6′th of June.

I’m currently trying to reduce the render time by adjusting hairs per clump, plus segments and such. And it seems to work. (Still testing)
There were also an issue with the butterfly’s transparency map in the occlusion and selection pass. But, with a suggestion from a friend we got it fixed.


Not much new, but been messing with small adjustments. And added some grass.

Fixed some issues, but still some stuff to do  :)

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