Servant: Rig-presentation

February 28, 2011

The rig for the king and the servant is complete.

I’ve tried to keep the rigs as clean as possible, without too many features we don’t need.

Rig features:
- Possibility to turn on/off stretch for the spine
- Adjustable values of the squash
- Combination of FK and IK
- Spaceswitch for which of the controllers to inherit translate/rotations from
- Advanced twist-control for the spine
- Attribute showing the stretch-factor of the spine
- Possibility to turn on/off stretch for the neck
- Aim-controller for where the face should point towards
- Individual control for the head ontop of the aim
- Spaceswitch for the neck, head and the aim-controller
- Advanced twist-control for the neck
- SDK-driven bend-deformer on the head
- Attribute showing the stretch-factor of the neck
- Stretchy IK on the shoulders
- Stretchy FK/IK on the arms
- Possibility to turn on/off stretch for the shoulders
- Spaceswitch for the IK hand-controllers and the polevectors
- Attribute showing the stretch-factor of the arms
- Stretchy FK/IK on the legs
- Possibility to turn on/off stretch for the legs
- No-flip IK leg setup, the knee is controlled with an attribute

All of the limbs are set up with ribbons for better deformations. The entire rig is nodebased. The rig is scalable, and the hierarchy is clean and sorted.

Rig presentation:

Rig usage:


Servant turntable

February 3, 2011

A test-render of our servant character. Just to see how the materials are doing. The only thing remaining is to tweak the SSS-shader and get some texturemaps on his face.


Tower Occlusion

February 1, 2011

I started modelling the tower a few days ago, the progress has been painfully slow so far… Just thinking about style and placement…baaaahh.
Anyways, here’s a occlusion render of the model so far…


Modeling continued…

January 26, 2011

I’ve continued working on some different models and also finished up the Carriage quite a bit. Take a look

Warning: video ID not specified!


For The King – Blogg

January 6, 2011

Vi startet på mandag med å lage en plan for det neste semesteret. De neste ukene går med på å modellere, UV-mappe og teksturere deretter begynner vi å rigge så fort vi kan. Vi har valgt å legge oss litt foran det opprinnelige skjemaet.

Undertegnende (Tarje) har begynt å modellere vogna til kongen.

Amund har begynt på karakterene.

Forhåpentligvis klarer vi å oppdatere bloggen utover de neste ukene… :-)