Semester Oppgave 2011

I am going to redesign the headers for the school blogg. At the moment the headers are very boring, just grey boxes, I plan to inject a bit of colour and style into them. I started off by making a list of the different styles that i think would fit the blogg. Then from that i made a short list of eight different styles/ themes which i am going to develop further to see which ones work (or are approved by wiktor) My aim is to have 5 or 6 finished headers relating to the different subjects here at the school or which can be changed out according to the time of year , for example one of the things i am going to develop further is the four seasons.

As well as the headers i am going to design a different logo/ font for each theme which fits the subject matter. And also, time permitting, i plan to make a flash video for each theme relating either to the subject or to the theme.

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